Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) * Results may vary.

Dark Circles? Acne? Stretch Marks?

Injecting PRP in under eyes is the only way to lighten dark circles. The darkness under the eye is due to cell death and the PRP injected in this area will create new cells that will lighten the area by regenerating cell growth.

The eye area is a particularly fragile region in which may appear bluish coloration due to a microcirculation disorder, sometime associated with a darker area under the lower eyelid. Growth factors present in A-PRP stimulate the microcirculation around your eye, its brightness is improved and skin around the eyes recovers its tonicity.

The natural aging of your skin is due to an imbalance between the rate of destruction and renewal of cells and collagen. By promoting the process of natural tissue regeneration, mesotherapy injections of A-PRP improve skin quality and smoothes fine lines of the face, decollete and hands.

A-PRP injections are also an effective treatment of stretch, acne marks or for hypertrophic scars and lightening to removing stretch marks.