Eliminate unwanted fat without surgery!

The CoolSculpting procedure is a great option to reduce stubborn fat. The ideal client for this procedure would be anyone with pinchable fat. Bulges of fat such as fat on the love handles, back fat, chin fat (double chin), bra fat, outer thighs, abdomen and upper arms are often hard to get rid of with diet and exercise.

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen). Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and reduces fat cells, leaving a more sculpted you. This process is call Cryolipolysis®. Cryolipolysis means reducing fat cells with the use of freezing, hence the term “freeze fat away” by freezing fat cells to the point of reduction without damaging any surrounding tissues such as nerves, skin and muscle.

The treatment has no down time and can be done during your lunch break.

The CoolSculpting Procedure

The Coolsculpting treatment will take 1 hour per cycle with a 2 minute massage afterwards to help break the fat cells. Prior to treatment a cool gel pad is applied to the skin and an applicators with a suction and cooling application is put onto the area being treated. After the treatment, some numbness is expected for a few weeks. There is no downtime, however, bruising can occur. More commonly clients report tenderness and redness in the area. Many clients notice results 2 weeks post treatment however the average is 2 to 4 months for full results. We do schedule a 3 month post treatment appointment to reassess the treated areas and take after photos.